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Volunteer Opportunities & Background Checks

Arco Iris School welcomes volunteers in our school and classrooms.  The time our parents and community members devote to our school is what helps make our school such a great place for our kids.
Every volunteer at Arco Iris must have a criminal background check completed ONCE EVERY TWO YEARSOnly submit one background check per adult that will be volunteering every other year. If you are unsure if you need a background check, email the volunteer coordinator ([email protected])

The school district does not share background check results, you must complete this process for Arco Iris even if you have completed it for BSD. It takes approximately 7-10 business days to complete the process, so if you would like to volunteer for a field trip or other event, please plan ahead!

To learn about specific volunteer opportunities and needs, please contact our PTO: [email protected] Also check out our PTO page for upcoming events.
Four steps to volunteering at Arco Iris
1. Submit criminal background check (once every two years)
*Note parents and family members must include student name to best assist us in identifying you. 
2. Register for a Parent Booker account 
3. Read, Sign, & Submit Volunteer Expectation Form, 2022-23 Volunteer Expectations form: 
4. Send proof of vaccination to [email protected]
Background Check Information

Arco Iris contracts with CRIS, Inc. to support our background check services. The NWESD currently supports dozens of school districts in Oregon with the CRIS background check for volunteers. The system checks against numerous databases including, but not limited to: Department of Corrections (DOC)/Public Safety Records, State Court Records (AOC), County Criminal Court (CCO), County Sheriff Arrest (CSO), Registered Sex Offenders (RSO), National Motor Vehicle records, and Social Security verification.

Please only submit a background check once – it costs the school money for each submission, even if you have already been approved. 
Should I fill out a background check?
I am a parent or family member of CURRENTLY enrolled student(s) that will be volunteering at school events 
I am a volunteer directed to this page by the school or related entity
I am not the parent or family member of a currently enrolled student 
I already submitted a background check within the last year***(new policy adopted 2017-18)