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PTO Opportunities

PTO Opportunities 

The PTO has various positions and work groups, which require our parents and families to support it. If you are interested in helping with one or more of  the following positions please contact the PTO at pto@arcoirisschool. org. All positions can be shared among two or more people, with the exception of Treasurer. As a volunteer based organization, any tasks not taken on by volunteers will be canceled until a volunteer is found to run the event, project or program.


PTO Officers: Will work together to support the school board and administration, to support the mission statements of the school and PTO. Board members will negotiate between themselves who attends the monthly meetings of the school board, financial committee and occasional non PTO meetings as needed.


PTO President:

Organizes and runs PTO meetings. Ensures the school's board and staff needs, of the PTO, are managed appropriately. Supports the school and PTO’s mission statement.  May take on additional duties at the discretion of the person   (Requires ongoing communication with various PTO Board Members, the school board and staff. Monthly PTO meeting attendance is required)


School Board Representative:

Is appointed by the Arco Iris School Board to assist and guide the PTO in board related decisions. As an advisor this position has an active involvement in the PTO, and contributing the PTO voice into school board communications. 


Coordinates and supports the PTO Budget. Approves and submits PTO expenses to the school's bookkeeper. Updates PTO board and members, monthly, regarding the PTO Budget. Works with PTO board to establish upcoming year's budget. (Monthly requirement is less than four hours, including 2 PTO and Finance Committee meeting)



Records and post meeting minutes. Coordinates Communication and distribution of emails, including posting to the PTO Facebook page and manages the PTO portion of the school website. (Requirements are: Daily, 5 minutes, to distribute emails. Weekly, 30 minutes, to make social media posts, answer questions and coordinate items to be communicated to the community. Monthly, about three hours, including  2 PTO meeting)


VP of Fundraising:

Manages, supports and facilitates communications from the fundraising work groups (Auction, Jog-a-thon, movie tickets sales, restaurant nights, box tops, winter DVD sales, AmazonSmile, Fred Meyer Rewards). Cancels fundraising programs that do not have appropriate levels of volunteer support. Works with established work groups to advise and guide fundraising efforts. Works with school board fundraising committee on fundraising efforts if needed. Works with PTO Treasurer to ensure budget is supported. (Requires communication with major fundraising events coordinators and acting as a PTO representative in fundraising work groups. Monthly update is required at the PTO meeting.)


VP of Community Enrichment

Manages, supports and facilitates communication from community building efforts for the Arco Iris community. Evaluates and guides opportunities for Arco Iris families to connect and bond as a community including but not limited to: Beginning of the year social, Mazamas, summer playdates, sporting events, cultural events, spirit wear events, carpool signups, uniform exchange, lost and found, and other social events. Events may be added or canceled based on coordinators availability and coordination with the PTO calendar. (Requires management of volunteer driven events at various times of the year, to support the community connection. Monthly update is required at the PTO meeting.)


VP- Volunteer Coordinator:

Actively recruits volunteers on behalf of the PTO, school board and school. Coordinates Room parents, and volunteer opportunity on behalf of the PTO, staff, and administration. Facilitates communication regarding room parents, stocking of staff room, field trips, classroom celebrations, field day, and other volunteer requests. (Requires on-going commitment to support volunteer needs, a successful coordinator will be social with the Arco Iris parent community, to recruit. Monthly update is required at the PTO meeting.)


VP of Education and School Enrichment:

Manages, supports and facilitates communication of educational related support efforts of the Arco Iris PTO. This volunteer should have a passion for education. Educational support needs are determined by the school administration and include, but are not limited to:  Los Jaguares Lectores, Oregon Battle of the Books, after school enrichment classes, book fair, art literacy, Passport Club, graduation, science fair, and year book. Programs and events may be canceled if there is not adequate levels of volunteer support to run the program or event. (Is mostly a coordination position, but works closely with the administration to ensure programs are being managed properly. Monthly update is required at the PTO meeting.




Standing Workgroups: Our standing workgroups are more successful when supported by a team of volunteers. These projects are critical to our school's success, and should not be occupied solely by PTO board members, to ensure success.


  • Jog-a-thon: Coordinates Jog-a-thon event, prizes, and awards for the schools Fall Jog-a-thon. Works together to support the fundraising goal of the Jog-a-thon, while staying within the budgetary limitations of the PTO’s budget. (Various levels of commitment required, dependent on number of team members. Event is completed by mid October.)
  • Auction: Coordinates the annual spring Auction. Works together to support the fundraising goal of the Auction, while staying within the budgetary restrictions of the PTO’s budget. (Various levels of commitment required, dependent on position and number of team members. Main chair positions require quite a bit of coordination and week of event time.)



PTO Support Positions: The following positions more independent positions, which support the school, PTO and community but require self management and planning.


  • Spirit Wear Coordinator: Uses establish online spirit wear supplier to provide opportunities for the Arco Iris community to purchase spirit wear. Works with school to establish a spirit wear schedule and promotes spirit wear events. (Items to be ordered twice a year. Sales will be transitioned to online provider, requiring volunteer to simply arrange and work with the PTO to promote sales.)
  • Restaurant Nights Coordinator: Works with VP of fundraising and Community Enrichment to coordinate and promote various dining night out adventures for the Arco Iris Community. (All events can be scheduled prior to school starting, or throughout the year. Events should be announced within a month of the scheduled event. Fliers and supportive documentation will need to be distributed. Additional promotions will need to be organized day of the event.)
  • Room Parents: Works directly with the classroom teacher and VP Volunteer Coordinator to support the classroom learning environment, through coordination of classroom volunteers, support of teachers administrative needs, party and event coordination. (Various levels of time commitment required, based on teacher needs. As a general rule younger classes require more parental involvement, therefore require more room parent involvement.)
  • Los Jaguares Lectores Program Coordinator: Direct and coordinates the Los Jaguares Lectores Program, with the support of a team of volunteers to promote reading. (Monthly collection, and tracking required. Current volunteers indicate that each class takes less than 15 minutes a month.)
  • After School Enrichment Coordinator: Establishes schedules and classes to support after school activities requested and supported by the parent community. After school enrichment classes run at various times throughout the year. Fall classes are arranged and scheduled in the spring. Coordinator may choose to research and purpose replacement of any unsuccessful classes. Works with administration to arrange space is available. (No commitment required beyond coordination and scheduling. Can be run from home)
  • Science Fair Co-Coordinator: Works with middle school science teacher to coordinate and facilitate annual science fair. Recruits judges and works with the VP Volunteer Coordinator to support the event. (Event takes place in March, requires some set up and coordination. This volunteer should plan to be at the science fair to coordinate the event day of, but requires no commitment after the event is cleaned up.)
  • Book Fair Coordinator: Works with the school to coordinate the book fair twice a year at Arco Iris. Works with VP Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and schedule volunteers for the event. Manages and report on the event. Event to be held during the school day and possibly one or two nights until 6pm. (No commitment required beyond the coordination, running and closing of the event.)
  • Movie Ticket Sales Coordinator: Works with Valley Cinema to coordinate the sale of Fall and Spring family manatee movie ticket sales. Keeps track of sales and profits and reports earnings to the VP of Fundraising. (Tickets are only sold two times a year. No commitment is required outside of these time. During the sales time after school sales would be helpful, online sales can be arranged.)
  • Box Tops Coordinator: Collects and submits Box Tops to necessary parties. Works with VP of Fundraising to coordinate at least one collection competition during the school year. (Box tops are submitted once a quarter, position does not require weekly commitment, but will require more participation during the classroom competition)
  • Lost and Found/Uniform Exchange Coordinator: Collects, checks, cleans and coordinates exchanges for the uniform exchange. Sorts through and returns items found in lost and found. Coordinates donation of items left behind after conferences, before winter break and the end of school.