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Interventions are put in place when students are identified as having difficulties in one or more areas of academic performance.  Identification is done through universal testing and observations by the classroom teachers.  We use a variety of nationally normed tests to ensure that students are correctly identified.
Once students are identified,we notify parents that they will receive focused instruction and support with learning and behavior needs to accelerate their rate of learning and enable them to catch up to peers.  Progress is monitored weekly to track the rate of learning, and the effectiveness of the instruction.
Interventions occur in English Reading, Math, and Spanish Reading (Lectura).  Focused instruction will be provided in the classroom for Math and Lectura, and in the Intervention Room for English Reading.  The time and intensity of the instruction will be based on the needs of the student.
An important component of any program is parent involvement.  Your student will likely have additional skills practice at home.  Your support makes a real difference to your student.   

If you have questions about interventions please contact the school office.