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Charter schools are publicly funded but do not receive the same level of support as regular public schools. Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School receives 85% of the per pupil funding allocated by the state and we have to make up the remaining 15% through fundraising. In addition, charter schools like ours are required to cover expenses that traditional public schools do not, such as technology services, rent/mortgage, etc. As a result, we operate with a considerable shortfall per student.
The fundraising target for the school year is $750 per student
This amount covers the gap between our existing revenue and our operating budget, in addition to contributing a small amount to the long term financial sustainability of the school.
Arco Iris has set a goal of 100% family participation to close this gap, and we provide several fundraising opportunities throughout the year to enable families to donate. We know that some families are able to contribute more than the $750 Annual Family Giving Contribution and some will need to contribute less.  Regardless of the size of your contribution, we hope 
that all families will find a way to financially support our school. 
Arco Iris is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so contributions are tax deductible in accordance with tax laws.
Your Annual Family Giving Contribution goes directly into our operational budget and supports the core academic program, BSD charter requirements, facilities costs and teacher salaries.
Feb 2024
Attracting and retaining great teachers is fundamental to providing a top notch program. In recognition of this, the Arco Iris Board works to raise teacher salaries, but we still are not at the level of our local public schools. Our goal is to offer a pay rate that is commensurate with other bilingual programs in our area. In order to do this, we need to close our funding gap.

Note: Annual Family Giving Payments are non-refundable after payment has been received.
There are several ways you can help us close the gap:
  1. You can make a lump sum payment, here
  2. You can donate stock. 
  3. You can set up recurring monthly payments, here
Primary Fundraisers:
You can sponsor a child for the number of laps they can run or how much dancing/movement they can do in a given amount of time.  This is a great way to help them get exercise and raise money at the same time.  This event usually takes place in the Fall.
Annual Auction 
The annual auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year. We hosted a  live auction last year. In a typical year, our action draws crowds of over 200 community supporters from in and around the Portland metro area who come and support Arco Iris and celebrate its accomplishments.  Guests can bid on online and our live auction items featuring a range of exciting items including travel packages, tickets to local events, gift certificates to the area’s finest restaurants, and access to exclusive opportunities and experiences.
Participating businesses and sponsors will be prominently featured in all our marketing and communication materials both leading up to the event as well as post-event.
Additional Fundraising Opportunities:
Bottle Drop
BottleDrop Give is the can drive that never ends. The school distributes blue bags to you. Then, you fill the Blue Bags with your empty bottles and cans and drop them off at the school during designated drop off times.  We turn them in and collect the money for the school.
Fred Meyer Community Rewards
Fred Meyer Community Rewards is an easy way for local nonprofits to receive donations from Fred Meyer Stores. Customers earn these donations for their favorite nonprofits by shopping with their Rewards Card. Click here for instructions on how to link your rewards card to Arco Iris.
Box Tops
Box Tops For Education now has a mobile app for your phone!  Now you can simply scan your store receipt and qualifying product purchases will instantly give cash credit to Arco Iris. To join Box Tops, create an account and choose Arco Iris as your targeted donation.
Restaurant Nights
The PTO coordinates local restaurant nights.  If you purchase a meal from the restaurant on our selected date, a portion of the proceeds come back to our school. Watch the newsletter throughout the year for details.
Targeted Donations
Families may choose to donate funds for a specific use at the school.  Families should speak with the school director before making a targeted donation to make sure their giving goals are in line with the school’s needs.