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Principal's Message

The staff and I welcome you and your family to Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School for the 2016-2017 School Year.  Our primary goal is to make this school year a successful experience for every student.  We congratulate you on deciding to make your students bilingual and biliterate individuals.  They will not only reap cognitive but the social and professional benefits that come with a multilingual education.  Learning another language is a challenging task! It requires the soft skills of sharing ideas, making mistakes, and persevering.  Second language learning involves hard work by everyone, the teacher, the parent, the principal, but most importantly the student. 


Arco Iris continues to grow.  We have two grades at 1st through 5th, one 6th and a 7/8 blend.   We hired five new teachers and a counselor who are exceptional and truly understand the value of a strong teacher/student relationship.  Another change has been a new lunch program which will offer  more varied and nutritional choices.  And then there is me, the new principal.


I was born in San Antonio, Texas but was raised in Los Angeles California.  This is my 22nd year living in Oregon.  I am a single mom with two teenagers, a 21 year old son and an 18 year old daughter.  I adore gatherings of family and friends with good food and conversation (Spanish or English), particularly about literature.  I did not start out as an educator but once I made the switch it has become a passionate journey.  I have been an educator for almost 25 years in multiple states and districts. One constant I have learned is that it takes a team of parents, teachers and students to develop critical evaluators who will become the productive citizens needed to participate in preserving our society.

I thank you in advance for all the support and commitment you will dedicate to your child’s education. Please feel free to contact me anytime about questions you may have about Arco Iris! My email is and the phone number for the office is 503-473-0416.



Felicia Giambrone


“Students must have initiative; they should not be mere imitators.  They must learn to think and act for themselves – and be free”

Cesar Chavez