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About LJL

Los Jaguares Lectores is a voluntary, motivational program that tracks your student’s reading time through their school career at Arco Iris and provides prizes and awards to students and classes for achieving reading milestones. The goal is to provide both awareness and incentives to increase reading. The program is voluntary and it is up to the student and parent to choose whether or not to participate (not to be confused with reading homework).
Because this is not only a contest, a student may start participating at any time and in any amount. We encourage students to set their own reading goals each year.
Here’s how Los Jaguares Lectores works:
  • The amount of time read is tracked on a monthly calendar provided each month (or use your own). Calendars can be found online.
  • Minutes are tracked in English and Spanish
  • At the end of the month the total time read should be tallied and submitted either:
    • Online daily, weekly, or monthly until Midnight on the last day of the month. 
    • Reading minutes not entered online need to be turned in to HOMEROOM TEACHER by 2:30 on the last day of the month. Don’t forget to include your student’s name, teacher’s name and minutes clearly on the form.
  • Time submitted online or via paper must be submitted prior to the first Thursday of the month (with the exception of April when they are due at drop off April 1st), to be counted towards the classroom competition.
  • Monthly logs may be submitted after deadline, however prizes may be delayed and minutes will count toward career minutes, but not count toward the monthly class trophy.


What counts towards Los Jaguares Lectores time?

  • Only time dedicated solely to reading.
  • All reading done outside of school counts, i.e. books, magazines, and homework assignments that include reading.
  • Reading in English and Spanish count!
  • Books on tape count for young readers to encourage reading. We do not have a hard rule on this, please use your parental discretion.


What doesn’t count towards Los Jaguares Lectores time?

  • Math homework and computer games do not count.
  • Reading while watching TV or doing other activities does not count.


Incentives & Awards

  • Incentives are earned on a cumulative basis for all years that the student attends Arco Iris.
  • Awards will be handed out monthly to the students.
  • The awards list (see Prize Page on right). If you have any award ideas, let a Los Jaguares Lectores coordinator know.


Questions or Comments?

If you have questions or suggestions for improving the program or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact the PTO .