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Who We Are: Board Project Managers

In our final installment of “Who We Are: Board of Directors”, we have interviews with project managers, Adreana Kusaba and Erin Hatch. Project managers are essential to keeping our team organized and our tuition-free charter school moving toward our goals. We are grateful to have two such talented people sharing their time with us.
Profile Photo of Adreana Kusaba, Board Project Manager for Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School

Adreana Kusaba, Project Manager

Why did you decide to serve on the Board of Directors for Arco Iris? 

I decided to serve on the Board of Directors for Arco Iris because I wanted to contribute in ensuring that our kids have the opportunity to receive a high-quality education in both English and Spanish. I firmly believe in the transformative power of education and I am equally committed in helping our youth maintain their connection to the Latino/a/e and Hispanic culture and heritage through Spanish.

What do you love most about Arco Iris?

What really struck a chord for me about Arco Iris is the school's resolute commitment to its larger vision and the unwavering dedication to the families it stands by. While I am relatively new to the board (and the school!), I'm genuinely taken aback by the sheer strength of their focus and the principles they hold.

What do you do for your "day job"?

During the day, I work as a Project Coordinator at OHSU.  If I had to give an analogy, I would say that I am the conductor of a crazy orchestra where healthcare meets quality improvement, data analysis, and looking out for the health of whole communities in a rural area. First off, my job is all about quality and process improvement. It's like making sure every move we make is top-tier– I’m talking LeBron-level excellence. Every process gets a fine-tooth comb treatment, making sure it's smoother than a fresh jar of peanut butter. 

And you know what my secret weapon is? Data! I'm like a detective, cracking codes in those numbers to uncover insights that even Sherlock would be proud of. My graphs and charts are not just fancy decorations – they tell stories, and my job is to decode them. It's like solving a puzzle that ultimately helps our healthcare team serve up the best care to our patients.

But the work doesn’t stop there! I’m also responsible for the population health management of over 12,000 people. It's like being the fairy godmother of the whole neighborhood's well-being. I'm responsible for making sure that everyone is living their best life and everyone gets their happily ever after.  But, here's the kicker – I’m doing all of this in a rural family medicine clinic with incredibly limited resources.  So what do I do?  I adapt to the unique needs of my close-knit community, making sure that they're getting the best care possible.

Tell us a little about you.

Okay, let's dive into the layers beyond my day job and role as a board member.  First things first, I crochet in my spare time – yes, you read that right. Do I have much spare time? No, not really but when I can find the time, I enjoy immersing myself in the tactile art of yarn and hooks, weaving threads into something intricate and beautiful.

Kayaking is my second favorite pastime and that's where the adventure really begins. Picture me, the open water, and my kayak roped to my spouse’s kayak (including our daughter aboard) as I tow them upstream while they enjoy their snacks and scenery.  In all seriousness though, I navigate those waters like I'm the star of my own action movie – strong, sassy, and ready for anything.

But wait, there's more! Trips to the Beaverton farmers market FULFILL me – now that's where the foodie in me comes out to play. It's like strolling through a gourmet comedy club, with fresh veggies and artisanal treats as the main acts. You can always find me hunting for the juiciest produce like it's treasure.

So that’s the scoop, dear friends! When I'm not schooling it at Arco Iris and doing work at OHSU, I'm crocheting up a storm, strong-arming wild waters, and strolling through the farmers market like it's my own personal playground. For me, it's all about the laughter, the adventure, and the good eats!


Profile photo of Erin Hatch, Board Project Manager for Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School

Erin Hatch, Project Manager

Why did you decide to serve on the Board of Directors for Arco Iris? 

I love all things community and have volunteered in some capacity for as long as I can remember. Some of the organizations I have given my time to include our local children’s justice center, the Portland Choir and Orchestra, and our local neighborhood association committee. 


When my oldest started school at Arco Iris ten years ago, I knew I wanted to devote my energy to the school. I joined the Arco Iris PTO as secretary, and over three years ago joined the board in an effort to contribute toward the school’s continued success, particularly through visionary efforts and intentional planning. I have especially enjoyed my efforts to gather annual parent feedback, create a strategic plan, and increase funding through grants and other community partnerships.

What do you love most about Arco Iris?

Most of all I love the remarkable teachers, staff, and families who make the school a great place to be! I feel like teachers and staff have taken the time to get to know my children and help them excel on their individual paths. The families are passionate, welcoming, and just pretty awesome. It’s been wonderful to be part of this community.

What do you do for your "day job"?

My primary role and passion is being a mother to five amazing kids ages 15, 13, 10, 7, and 4. Next year my youngest will start Kindergarten, and my oldest will get a driver’s license. This will be a big adjustment for me! I have found a lot of joy (and frustration too of course!) in nurturing and teaching my children. I learn so much from them as well and am grateful for my job.

Tell us a little about you.

I enjoy spending time with my husband and children. My husband and I love to run and go jogging together six days a week. We aren’t particularly fast, but we are very consistent! Our family enjoys going camping and spending time with extended family and friends.


I love to bake–mostly homemade wheat bread, rolls, cinnamon rolls, mint brownies, and cookies. When I have spare time (not too often these days!) I also love to read. I could probably read all day if given the chance. 


Music is another hobby of mine, and I have enjoyed passing on the violin to my daughter who has wanted to learn. We enjoy playing together when we can. I have also taught 4 of my 5 children so far how to play the piano.


Thank you Adreana and Erin! Your efforts to support our school are appreciated by each and every member of our community. 


If you are interested in joining our vibrant, multicultural K-5 community, check out our enrollment page for more information. 


About Arco Iris

Arco Iris Spanish Immersion is a small tuition-free public charter school providing a rich, immersive Spanish language experience and robust academics in a true multicultural setting. Centrally located off 217, between SW Portland and Tigard, we serve K-5 students in the greater Beaverton area to become bilingual and biliterate leaders of the future. Come see why we’ve earned the title Oregon’s #1 charter school. We’re enrolling for Fall 2023-24.