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Student Investment Account Overview


Thank you to everyone who participated in the various community engagement opportunities earlier this year to help us determine the best use of the 23-25 Student Investment Account (SIA) funds from the state. We appreciate all your great feedback and we will be able to use the information you provided as a strategic resource in our efforts to continuously improve our school. 

We received the first round of SIA funding in 2020-2022 and we used it to pay for staff positions that directly support students’ academic growth and mental health needs.  In our most recent surveys and discussions with families and staff, we heard you overwhelmingly say that you want us to keep these positions in the school using SIA dollars.  

We also saw that the highest levels of concern regarding current school operations centered on academics and students’ mental health.  Our plan for the next round of funding specifically addresses these concerns.  We will use the income we receive from the Student Investment Account during the 23-25 funding cycle to keep a full time counselor and to keep four bilingual instructional assistants that will focus on grades K-2.  

You can view a summary of the staff and community surveys as well as the SIA budget document using the links below.  When you look at the budget document, you’ll notice several tabs across the bottom .  The first tab lists our goal statements based on the feedback we heard from our community.  The second and third tabs show the proposed expenditures for the next two years and also show how these spending strategies are linked to the goals listed in the first tab. The final tab shows other potential strategies for the future that would help us meet our stated outcomes.  However, these expenditures are not currently funded and would not be implemented unless our financial situation changed in the next two years.

Before we submit our final proposal to the state, we want to give you a chance to comment on the plan.  If you have any feedback, please send it to Michelle Ston at [email protected] by Friday, March 24. 

Thank you again for your participation in this process.  We are honored to partner with you in the education of your children.

Community Engagement Summary

2023-2025 Budget