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First Lego League (FLL)

What is First Lego League (FLL):

FLL is an international robotics competition that encompasses a lot more than building a Lego robot.  The team works to design, build, and program a Lego robot to complete a series of missions. In addition, the kids also research and develop a solution to a real world problem related to the years theme.  On competition day the teams earn points based on the number of missions their robot completes. They are also judged on robot design, research presentation, their innovative solution, how well the team works together, and how well the team competes with the other teams. It is an amazing program that covers Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in addition to problem solving, team work, and leadership skills.

Who Makes FLL happen:

4-8th graders and adult volunteers willing to Coach, Mentor and/or Host (dedicates their garage, dining room or other space as meeting space housing the 4'x8' robot game table).

When is the FLL Season:


The season starts in August when the theme is announced and orders for challenge mats can be placed. The qualifying tournament is in early December. If the team is then invited to the State Tournament, it is held mid January. In the past our team met twice per week and more when needed.

How much does it cost:

In the past we have been able to find Intel employees willing to coach our teams. Intel currently offers $10 per hour of volunteer time to their employee’s specified non profit. The volunteer hours submitted by our Intel coaches Is what currently covers costs for the school. Despite this, someone from the team typically floats the required costs and requests reimbursement. Intel donations are given to the school in bulk a few times per year.


That said, estimated costs based on 2018-19 season are:

Team registration with challenge mat is $300

Game Table Supplies $50

Qualifying Tournament registration $200

State Championship $240 (if invited)

Sign Me UP!

The 2019-2020 Season has started, we are not currently adding names to the interest list. Watch for informational meetings held in the spring.


How do I find Out More?

+ For more information watch the Arco Iris calendar, updates and newsletters for FLL information sessions at Arco Iris in May.

+ Visit the official First website  

+ Visit the ORTOP website (our local FLL event organizers)

+ Check out YouTube for videos of First Lego League teams running their robot through the challenge table.