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Drop off and pick up

Important Information about Parking and Drop-Off
No matter what method is used to get your student to school, there are several key factors to keep in mind:
1) Safety is the most important thing at all times!
2) We must make every effort possible to minimize traffic impacts to our neighbors as well as to the intersections on Allen Blvd.
3) If the line for the curbside drop-off is getting long, it is expected that parents, guardians, and caregivers will drive to the Park ‘n Walk area to avoid spilling into the Allen / Menlo intersection

Early pick-up: If you have an appointment and need to pick your child up from school early, please let the office and your teacher know. Early dismissal will be allowed until 3:15 pm. If you arrive after that time, you will have to wait until regular pick up time. 

The exterior doors into the school will be locked during the day unless we have someone at the desk in the lobby. Please ring the doorbell (located between the building C doors) to be let in.

Parking Lot Speed Limit: We are asking parents to maintain a speed of 5 mph or under in the parking area. We also ask that you please drive the perimeter of the parking lot when entering and exiting our school. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH THE PARKING SPACES and cut across the lot when you are leaving. Safety is our top priority!