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5 Benefits of Bilingual Education

The elementary years are the optimal time to learn an additional language: young brains are primed to absorb the sounds, structures, and patterns of a new language and starting before the age of 10 increases the chances of becoming fluent. Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School (Arco Iris) harnesses the power of this unique time in a child’s development to help students grow Spanish and English language skills alongside core academic subjects that serve a lifetime. 

Our one-way Spanish immersion model is highly effective. It’s part of the reason we’ve been named Oregon’s #1 charter school. But the incredible benefits of a bilingual education reach far beyond the classroom. Here are 5 reasons a tuition-free bilingual education is a golden opportunity you won’t want to miss: 

#1 A More Creative and Flexible Brain

Working in multiple languages stimulates our executive functioning skills, leading to improved attention and decision-making, an increased ability to solve problems, and creative thinking. Better focus and creativity are linked to strong academic results, paving a path for bilingual students to earn higher academic achievement

#2 A Boost to Memory & Brain Power

Research has shown that people who speak more than one language often have a stronger memory than their mono-lingual counterparts. Bilingualism even seems to act as a protective mechanism in the brain, as studies have shown that it increases overall brain health and reduces the risk of early-onset dementia. 

A classroom schedule written in Spanish is posted on a wall in a classroom at Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School.

#3 Empathy & Understanding

Learning a new language unlocks a whole new way of seeing the world. Gaining new perspectives through language deepens understanding of culture in both visible (foods, flags and festivals) and invisible (values, beliefs and humor) ways. Our true multicultural setting is the perfect environment to expand children’s worldview, inevitably increasing emotional intelligence and capacity for empathy. 

#4 Highly Marketable for a Wide Variety of Careers

The demand for bilingual employees is not slowing down in our increasingly connected global economy. Bilingual job applicants are highly sought after across a wide variety of fields, opening up options for graduates of a language immersion program to find high paying and meaningful careers.

#5 Strong Communication & Social Skills

Bilingual students are clear, effective communicators. They feel confident expressing themselves and do so with a wide vocabulary spanning multiple languages. Being an effective communicator makes growing friendships with people from diverse backgrounds possible and makes travel to foreign countries more fun.


Give your child the bilingual advantage at Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School. We’re enrolling K-5 students at our tuition-free public school for the 2023-24 school year now. 


About Arco Iris

Arco Iris Spanish Immersion is a small tuition-free public charter school providing a rich, immersive Spanish language experience and robust academics in a true multicultural setting. Centrally located off 217, between SW Portland and Tigard, we serve students in the greater Beaverton area to become bilingual and biliterate leaders of the future. Come see why we’ve earned the title Oregon’s #1 charter school. We’re enrolling for Fall 2023-24.