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Things to Consider Before Enrolling

Changing schools is a big decision!  We want your child to have a great experience with us and his/her transition into our school a successful one. Student retention, happiness, and academic success are important to all of us. The following is a list of things to consider before you submit your enrollment application for your child.
  • Is your child ready for a rigorous academic environment?
  • How attached is your child to his/her current school, friends, and teachers?
  • How is your child’s ability to transition to a new environment?
  • Does your child have siblings in another school that mean multiple drop-offs and pick-ups to coordinate? Our school does not provide school bus service.
  • How does our school location impact your commute to/from work?
  • Does your child have any knowledge of the Spanish language?
  • Starting in 3rd grade, students are required to take a Spanish proficiency exam when they are offered a spot before they can be enrolled.
  • Students entering 5th grade, we only offer one section of each middle school grade. Your student will have to participate in a lottery to determine Middle School Placement
We have a longer academic day than the other public and private schools in the area. While we give morning and afternoon recess in addition to a lunch break, the kids are tired at the end of the day. Though they do adjust especially with the help of extra sleep at night and healthy lunch at school. We also don’t have as many days off as the rest of the school district – which means we are often in school when other schools are closed. Our school receives only a portion of the state funding that is allocated to public school students. Because of this, we rely on our family community for volunteer service as well as fundraising efforts to bridge our financial gap. While we do our best to cut our costs fundraising, including donations, is critical to our success.  If you have any questions, please contact us!
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