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Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are students who can consistently manage their own behavior and follow all school rules and expectations.  Ambassadors are chosen throughout the year by teachers, office staff, and school support staff.  These students are recognized at assemblies three times throughout the year for their responsible, respectful, hardworking, and safe behavior.  After each ambassador assembly, students get to participate in a special fun activity.  These students may earn special privileges in their classrooms, and be assigned leadership roles in school activities. 

 Every student has the opportunity to become an ambassador! 

Here are some things that ambassadors do every day at school:

Ambassadors are SAFE.  They keep hands and feet to themselves, move carefully and with caution, play games appropriately, and they follow safety rules on the playground and during PE.

Ambassadors are RESPONSIBLE.  They set a good example for others, follow instructions the first time, are trustworthy, and they take care of their work. 

Ambassadors are RESPECTFUL.  They use kind words and actions, listen to others, respect people’s property, and have a positive attitude.

Ambassadors are HARDWORKING.  They care about doing their best work, put their best effort into assignments, and they complete homework and projects on time