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Art Lit » Art Literacy/Literario del arte

Art Literacy/Literario del arte

Volunteer Opportunity - Art Literacy!


We Believe Art Literacy

  • Teaches students to THINK CREATIVELY and PROBLEM SOLVE, both which will help PREPARE THEM FOR THE FUTURE.
  • Helps students FORM MENTAL IMAGES – an ability chemists, engineers, architects, designers and inventors use to THINK UP NEW IDEAS.
  • CELEBRATES MANY PERSPECTIVES. Students learn there are many ways to see and interpret the world. Problems can have more than one solution and questions can have more than one answer.
  • It is so much more than what you see!

Become an Art Literacy Volunteer for your child’s class today!


Being an Art Literacy Volunteer takes about 3-4 hours for each lesson. All 6 lessons are ready for you. All you need to do is:

  • Come to a daytime training meeting before each new artist lesson.
  • Present the lesson to a classroom and do a hands-on art project.
  • All materials provided! Or come and just help the day of the art project.
  • Classroom times are scheduled well in advance so you can plan your calendar.

Dates to be aware of for Art Lit:


Artist: Joan Miró

Friday, Oct.6, 2017, 2pm in Buenas Tardes · Prep/Training

Monday, Oct 16 - Wednesday, Nov. 8


Artist: India

Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017, time TBA · Prep/Training

Monday, Nov 13 - Wednesday, Dec 20


Artist: Henri Rousseau

Friday, Jan 12, 2018, time TBA · Prep/Training

Tuesday, Jan 16 - Friday, Feb 9


Artist: Jacques-Louis David

Friday, Feb 9, time TBA · Prep/Training

Monday, Feb 12 - Friday, March 2


Artist: Faith Ringgold

Friday, April 6, time TBA · Prep/Training

Monday, April 9 - Friday, May 4


Artist: Peter Carl Fabergé

Friday, May 4, time TBA · Prep/Training

Monday, May 7 - Friday, June 8



ART LIT Coordinators: Leticia Christopherson, Rachel Bonilla, Nicole Greenspan and Chrissy Fuchs