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Greetings Parents, Students, and Caregivers,

Welcome to my Middle School English Language Arts website! My name is Aaron Bronikowski, and I am very excited to once again be teaching 6th - 8th grade ELA! You can find more background information about me on the "Meet Your Teacher" page of my website (use link to the right).
My hope is that this website will serve as a means of keeping you informed of what is happening in the classroom as well as be a resource when you are in need.
Each grade level link (6th Grade, 7th Grade, & 8th Grade) to the right in the green menu bar will take you to a class calendar which lists the topic that will be covered in class everyday. This calendar is updated weekly, typically by the end of the school day on Monday, to inform both parents and students what can be expected for the week. Below this introductory level you will also find the homework policy for all of my ELA classes. 
I am looking forward to a wonderful school year!
Mr. B.
6th - 8th Grade ELA Teacher
Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School
Homework Policy
Arco Iris' mission is Spanish immersion and rigorous mathematical curriculum. This implies academic standard for our students to develop perseverance, curiosity, critical thinking and embrace challenges. Homework is a critical piece of this learning. 
The learning community of Arco Iris believes homework is beneficial as long as teachers use their knowledge of developmental levels to guide policies and expectations. Grade-level will work together to ensure that homework policy will be designed to address as many of the following traits as possible:


1. Academic purpose such as practice, checking for understanding or skill application

2. Efficiently demonstrates student learning 

3. Student ownership by offering choices 

4. Accomplish without help

5. Building college and career time-management skills

My homework expectation is that all of my students are reading in English for at least 30 minutes every school night. I am a believer that students get the most out of their reading when they read a subject of interest to them, that is why I do not put limitations on what type of reading students do for their homework, whether it be a novel, comics, graphic novels, news articles, etc. 
Additionally, we will be using for weekly vocabulary work. There will likely be time to complete this work in class, but whatever is not completed in class will be assigned homework. 
Everyday Class Materials
Students are expected to come to class everyday with the following materials:
1. Warm-up Notebook (spiral notebook)
2. Composition Notebook
3. Writing utensil (pen or pencil)
4. Silent Reading Book
5. English pocket dictionary

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