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   My name is Layra Colón. I'm the 4th grade Spanish and Social Studies teacher. I'm from San Juan, Puerto Rico and I have been living in Oregon 3 years. This is my 7th year teaching at Elementary level.


  I completed a Bachelor degree in Early Education from K-3 and I also have a Master degree in Elementary Education. I love be around kids and teach them everything I know and also learn new things from them.  


   I love to be here at Arco Iris and also living in Oregon! I have the opportunity to learn new things, visit new places and know other cultures.



   When I am not teaching I like to…

  •    spending time with my husband and friends 

  •    visit new places

  •    go to the movies

  •    dance, watch t.v., etc.  









Educational Philosophy:


    I get focus on each individual child and his/her educational needs, the teaching strategies to help the child achieve his/her highest potential, the development of positive character traits which are essential in becoming a productive citizen in today's society, and parental involvement in their child's mental, physical and emotional development.


    I try to become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each student through assessments and observations. I think that parents- teacher communication is essential on children education. For me, is important to have a continuous communication with the parents about their child's learning. I like to help and let the parents know what strategies or resources they can use to help their child continue developing skills and progressing academically.








   La familia de Maestra Colon

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Communication with
the teacher...
  •  Enviar correo electrónico (send an email)



  • Remind app

   send  the message  to 81010  @lcuarto4 (just for my homeroom)

                                                                         @4toespa (just for Maestra Ruiz class)


  • Sacar una cita (make an appointment with me)                                  
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Espero que mis estudiantes…

(I expect my students to…)


  • sean respetuosos y responsables. (be respectful and responsable)
  • realicen las tareas y estudien. (do homework and study)
  • sigan las normas del salón. (follow classroom rules)
  • estén dispuestos a aprender. (be willing to learn)
  • que practiquen y hablen español. (practice and speak spanish)
  • que lean 15-30 mts. diarios ( to read at least 15-30 mts. daily)
  • que se diviertan y sean felices. (have fun and be happy)
  • que pregunten cuando tengan dudas. (ask when they have questions)
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Homework is a great way to re-enforce skills, practice vocabulary, math facts, etc., as well as keep you updated with what we are learning in class.


  • It will be sent home some days, and probably not for all Subjects, to turn in the next day or it has a due date. For some subjects we only do classwork.
  •  Students are responsible for writing their homework in the planner, taking it home with the assignment and turn it in the next day or due date. 
  •  Our goals are organizational skill and responsibility.  Please support your student so he or she can meet these goals. If your student does not understand the assignment, please send us an email and remind them to ask us for help.  We want your student to succeed!
  •  On my website you can find assignments, due dates and important information about classes and school events. 
  • It is very important that you and your student visit the websites frequently during the week.