Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School

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Because we are a charter school, the Beaverton School District keeps 20% of our state funding for each student. This 20% goes back into the district’s general fund as an administrative fee for our charter agreement. We have the same legal obligations for services that other schools provide (e.g. nursing, ELL, Free/Reduced Lunch Program), but without the same budget.

We are doing our absolute best to keep our costs down.  Our hard-working teachers make less money for longer days and more school days per year.  Just about everything we secured for our school – from student desks to shelving to office furniture – was purchased used or donated. Our Spanish texts were purchased used. Our library of reading books was almost entirely donated or purchased used. We are purchasing more books from local businesses like Powells, and a lot of what we are buying are used. We use small, local businesses for cleaning services.

How do we cover this 20% gap? From our wonderfully generous families, their employers, and our local businesses!  Whether it is a financial donation or time and elbow-grease, we depend on our community of parent families to bridge the financial gap.

And what is the financial gap? This is public information and we discuss it at every school board meeting. We planned for about $140,000 in funding to come from donations from the community and our parents this 2019-2020 school year.  

Also, remember that many employers have a company match program for non-profit donations! It’s easy to do and is a great way to stretch your donated dollar. One of our parents’ company does a triple match so check to see what yours may offer.

Thank You for considering the value that our school brings to your child’s education when making a donation. We greatly appreciate all you do for both volunteering at the school and the financial contributions. Together we make our school successful!