Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School

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Middle School

Here at Arco Iris we take a holistic approach to education, always thinking about ways to best prepare your students for high school and beyond. First and foremost we promote an environment that encourages positive interpersonal relationships which allows students to focus on being successful both in and out of the classroom. Secondly, we teach organizational skills by giving students a locker, the responsibility of changing classrooms for each class without the distraction of a bell, and a daily agenda. Lastly, we foster a multicultural learning community view and understanding by celebrating differences inside and outside of the classroom and studying cultures from around the world.

Students are instructed using the 50/50 immersion model to enhance their acquisition of Spanish as a second language. Math, Social Studies, and Science are all taught by bilingual teachers who do their instruction in Spanish.

The focus of Middle School level Physical Education is to apply tactics, strategy, and fundamental motor skills to a variety of contexts and modified game play. In order to approach this, students will learn to participate in self-selected physical activity, cooperate with and encourage classmates, accept individual differences and demonstrate inclusive behaviors. Throughout this process they will also learn to engage in physical activity for enjoyment and self-expression.