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What is Jog-a-thon?
It's an annual fundraiser where kids collect donations from their community either cash or online donations. Donations are set to a $$ amount per lap or a flat sum.  

For our 2019 Jog-A-Thon, students should wear white shirts and classes take turns running their laps in 30 minute increments. They will have lap counter sheets on their shirts and parent volunteers mark them as they complete laps. For the 10th anniversary of Arco Iris we will be making this event a color run. All students who choose to participate will be sprayed with hypoallergenic color as they run through the course. We will be holding the event rain or shine and students are encouraged to bring a towel that they do not care about color bleeding onto.

Why are you having a fundraiser?

Because we are a Charter school, we receive significantly less funding from the Oregon Department of Education than other public schools. Our school community fundraises to meet the funding deficit. Our school generally doesn’t do many fundraisers, this is the only large school wide fundraiser that is done aside from the auction.

Are parents and family allowed to come cheer during the Jog-a-thon?

Absolutely! Parents are welcome to come cheer on the runners at the school. 

Should each of my children each have an individual fundraising page?
Yes, please as we can track donations for each student this way. Please sign up for an account at:

Does my company match my donations?

Please see your HR department for details on your company’s matching program. There are a number of companies in the area that have matching programs. There are some companies who require you to donate through them directly to receive the match (such as Nike, Cambia, Costco, Providence, and Kaiser). If you do not donate through their website, Arco Iris will not receive the matching funds.

If I have to contribute directly through my company website, how do my kids get credit for the donation?

Please use the provided Jog-a-thon envelope and include a copy of your donation receipt from your company. We will log the donation for your children and they will get credit for your donation amount. Your company’s matching funds will be included in your child’s total!

Will my donation receive a tax receipt?
Your cancelled check or your receipt from the online donation is your tax receipt

We hope you are able to share in our excitement as we come together as a community to raise money for Arco Iris School. 

Email the Jog-a-thon team at