Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about the school?

Aside from reading the information on our website, you can send an email to with your questions.

I can’t attend! Will I still be able to enter the lottery?

Attendance is not required to enter the lottery. The only requirement is that you submit an application for your student. If you have a lot of questions about the school that have not been answered by your research, send us an email!

Can I observe a classroom?

Due to the number of inquiries and the logistics of coordination, we do not schedule unsupervised classroom observations or visits. We do not provide shadow days.

How do I enroll my child?

We’re glad you are interested. To begin with, fill out the application for the upcoming school year. After submitting your application, sit back and wait for the results of the lottery.  In order to be considered for the lottery for the next academic year, applications must be submitted online by end of open enrollment of the current academic year. Review our website for dates

What is a lottery?

When we have more applications than spaces, state law requires us to hold a lottery to fill our available spaces.

When is the lottery drawn?

Lottery is drawn a month after open enrollment period ends. Review our website for specific dates.

How do I know if I got in?

We will notify you by email after the lottery. Your email will either welcome you to the school or inform you that your student is on the waiting list.

How many spaces do you have each year?

It varies from year to year and by grade level. The specific number varies depending on how many siblings applied for enrollment.

What happens if my child doesn’t get one of the openings?

All students who do not get a space are placed on a waiting list in the order assigned from the lottery. We use that waiting list to fill spaces that may become available throughout the summer and the subsequent school year.

What if my child doesn’t get in at all? Am I automatically entered into the lottery next year?

No. You must turn in a new application each academic year you wish your child to be considered for the lottery.

What if I live in the neighborhood? Is there a preference for my child to attend Arco Iris Spanish Immersion Charter School?

Yes, if you live within the Beaverton School district boundaries, you will get preference on the lottery.

I live in another school district. Can my child still attend?

State law requires us to place all Beaverton School District residents before accepting any out-of-district students. If there are still spaces in a class once all the in-district residents have been placed, then the out-of district students will be accepted in the order determined by the lottery.

How do I know if my child has moved up on the waiting list?

We will email you immediately if a space becomes available for your student. You can also contact us at Due to the large volume of inquiries, responses may take up to three(3) business days


How old do students have to be to enter a grade?

To qualify for new admission, a child must be at least the following age by Fall of the current school year, September 1st, Kinder, Age 5.

If one of my children gets an opening, does that mean the elementary-aged brothers and sisters automatically get in too?

If one of your children attends the school, his or her siblings will receive prioritized enrollment the following year. In other words, if there is space available in a grade in a subsequent year, the siblings will be prioritized above new enrolled applicants. If there are more prioritized siblings than spots, we hold a sibling lottery. In district siblings will always get priority over out of district siblings.

How many people are usually on the waiting list?

This changes from year to year and from grade to grade.

How long do I have to accept a spot?

If your student is chosen in the initial lottery, we hope that you will make your enrollment decision right away. Unless otherwise noted, families will have 10 days to turn in paperwork for spaces offered before the following school year.

Once the school year begins, families offered a position will have 2 business days (when the school office is open) to confirm their intent to attend, with an additional 24 hours to turn in the enrollment application and records transfer request.

Accordingly, you should evaluate the school thoroughly in advance of being advised of an enrollment opportunity.