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Student Devices

This year, all students in grades K-8 have the opportunity to check out a school-owned device for use at school and at home. Anticipating that all students will get a school-owned device, the school adds a fee of $50 for Chromebooks (3-8th) /$75 for iPads (k-2) , to students’ accounts (maximum fee of $275 per family per school year) to enroll them in the Damage Loss Protection Program. Families need to pay the assigned fee prior to any damage or loss claims to be eligible for the Protection Program coverage and no later than 30 days after they receive the device.

 Families may choose to decline coverage, but this is not recommended, because the family is assuming full responsibility for any costs due to damage, loss or theft. These costs could be as much as $300 per incident per device, regardless of how it happens.

 All eligible students are automatically opted into the protection plan. Families have the option to opt out.


To receive an Arco Iris-issued Chromebook/iPad, a student and their parent or guardian must have signed and reviewed the following forms: 

Arco Iris School retains sole right of ownership of the Chromebook/iPad. The Chromebook/iPads are loaned to the students for educational purposes only for a one-year period, renewable each year. 
Arco Iris School will collect and inspect student Chromebook/iPads and accessories at the end of each school year. Students who leave Arco Iris School (transfer or graduate) will be required to return their Chromebook/iPad and accessories. Failure to do so will result in the responsible party being billed for the full replacement cost.
  • Students are responsible for the general care of their school-issued Chromebook/iPad. 
  • Keep your Chromebook/iPad away from food and drink. 
  • Insert cords, cables, and removable storage devices carefully. Do not force connections.
  • Close the screen when carrying your Chromebook. 
  • Close or shut down your Chromebook/iPad when not in use to conserve battery life. 
  • Use care when placing your Chromebook/iPad in a bag or locker -- protect the screen. 
  • Do not expose your Chromebook/iPad to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Never leave the Chromebook/iPad in an unsecure location. 
  • Do not remove or attempt to alter the serial number or identification tags. 
  • Do not try to remove the keys, screen cover or plastic case.

  • Rough treatment may damage your Chromebook/iPad screen; it is particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure. 
  • Do not place anything on the Chromebook/iPad that could put pressure on the screen.
  • Be cautious when placing the Chromebook/iPad in your backpack.
  • Do not poke the screen with any object 
  • Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g. pens, pencils, or notebooks). 
  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry, anti-static, microfiber cloth or pre-moistened eyeglass cloth. 
  • Do NOT use window cleaner or water to clean your Chromebook/iPad.

The Chromebook/iPad is intended for use while connected to the internet. Generally, what you can do will be limited if your Chromebook/iPad is not connected to the internet. To work offline, you need access to Apps and your files.
You can connect your Chromebook/iPad to wireless networks when you are not at school. Arco Iris cannot offer technical support for this due to the large variety of possible connections. 
Keep the sound on your Chromebook/iPad muted except when needed. You can use headphones with permission from your parents AND teacher(s). If your school supplies you with headphones, you are responsible for their care and replacement if they are lost.
At School: printing directly from your Chromebook/iPad at school is not supported. When  needed, teachers will provide you with methods to print your documents through another computer.At Home: The Chromebook/iPad does not have a physical printer connection. It may be possible to print using wireless, depending on the capabilities of your home network and printer. Generally, the Google Cloud Print service will work if you have a wireless network at home.
Students may save documents to their Google Drive or to an external memory device such as a USB flash drive. Saving to Google Drive will make the file accessible from any computer with internet access. Students using Google Drive to work on their documents will not need to save their work, as Google Drive will save each keystroke as the work is being completed. Students are responsible for the integrity of their files and to keep proper backups.
Devices are supplied with the latest build of Google Chrome Operating System (OS)/OSX and other applications. The Chrome OS will automatically install updates when the computer is shut down and restarted. Chromebook/iPad software apps are delivered via the Chrome Web Store or the Google Play Store and controlled by Arco Iris School. These are web-based applications that do not require installation space on a hard drive. Some applications, such as Google Drive, are available for offline use. Do not delete or modify software on the Chromebook/iPad. Schools may add software applications for use in a particular course. Schools may also remove applications when no longer needed.
Students should follow the acceptable use guidelines when installing additional software or apps on their school issued Chromebook/iPad. If in doubt, check with the school IT staff.
Please do not draw, write, or put stickers, paint, or tape on your device. Keep it clean for the next person who will receive it. 
The Arco Iris School network might not be up and running 100% of the time. In the case that the network is down, Arco Iris School will not be responsible for lost or missing data.
Students may be selected at random to provide their Chromebook/iPad for inspection. The purpose for inspection will be to check for proper care and maintenance as well as inappropriate material being carried into the school. All Chromebook/iPads will be inspected at the end of the year to identify damage and arrange for repair under Arco Iris School’s Damage/Loss Protection Plan.
Students should be aware that there should be no expectation of privacy when using Arco Iris School network or equipment. When students access the Arco Iris School network at school, Arco Iris School will actively filter access and use third party solutions to monitor content for threats, violence, illegal activity, etc.
If technical difficulties occur, the technical support staff will use the “5-minute” rule. If the problem cannot be fixed in 5 minutes, the Chromebook/iPad will be reset to factory defaults and the device reset to the state it was in when it was first checked out to the student. All user data, user accounts, music, photos, documents, stored on internal memory that has NOT been synced will not be restored.
You are responsible for your Chromebook/iPad at all times. Keep it in a secure place. Do not stack things on top of it. Do not leave it unattended. 
For technical operation issues or password reset please submit a ticket through our helpdesk Help Desk