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Remote Learning

Following guidelines from the state department of education we've put together a school day schedule to support remote learning.  Please note that these are the maximum times recommended for daily instruction, so it is possible that your students will have less learning time than this on some days.
Teacher Led Instruction
Structured, grade-level learning directed by teacher and supported by teacher. 
  • K-1:  45 minutes 
  • 2-3:  60 minutes 
  • 4-5:  90 minutes
  • 6-8: 30 minutes/class/day - 3 hour maximum

Supplemental Learning Activities
These activities can be led by the student, by the family, or by Instructional Assistants and can include independent reading or writing, educational videos, research, PE, art projects, flash cards, read-alouds and guided Spanish conversation.
  • K-1:  1 to 2 hours
  • 2-3:  2 hours
  • 4-5:  3 hours
  • 6-8:  1-2 hours