Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School

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Late arrivals/ Early pick ups

Late Arrivals

Arco Iris students late for class will walk into the Whitford office, say hi to office staff, identify themselves and walk directly to the Arco Iris classrooms. When they enter the classrooms each student must sign in a Late Arrival binder. This is critical since we must have an accurate attendance count so parents aren't falsely informed their child is absent. We use the late binder data twice a day to update our attendance count and correct our knowledge which students are on campus.


Early Pick-ups.

1) Parents notify Perla and/or Cyndi at the elementary campus at BCC via a telephone call (503-473-0416). If you email your early-pick up plans(, it is recommended you also call the Perla or Cyndi. Our middle school teachers will be notified by Perla or Cyndi

2) Then you go the Whitford Middle School office, identify yourself to the Whitford Office staff.

3) Then call the Arco Iris middle school cell phone (971-226-6813) only when you are standing in the Whitford office. Please don't call the cell phone before you step into the office.

4)  Use the Arco Iris binder that is located inside the Whitford office to sign out your child.

5) Early pickups must be prior to 3:15 pm to ensure a safe and orderly dismissal of all students.