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¡Bienvenidos a 5to grado!

 About me:    
 I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. During my youth I had the opportunity to visit Oregon every summer to stay with my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who had lived most of their lives in Portland and Seattle. In 1991, I was offered a teaching position at the International School in Portland and used this opportunity to move my family to the place I had always wanted to make my home. 
I had the opportunity to work for Arco Iris when it was first founded and, after 6 years working for an independent, IB school in Portland and one year for the public system, decided to join Arco Iris school community again. It is my wish to make my experience at Arco Iris the last experience in my teaching repertoire.  
- Bachelors Degree: Facultad de Pedagogía/ Universidad de Puerto Rico
- Bachelor of Arts: Interdisciplinary Studies (Self Contained: Education/ ELA major)
- MEd in Curriculum and Instruction/ Concentration: The Inclusive Classroom (In progress)
Teaching Philosophy:
My teaching experience, as well as conducted research, has given me the knowledge to believe that immersion programs provide students the skills they so much need to flourish and be successful in our 21st century world. Not only they develop effective communication skills, but they also acquire the cultural component of the targeted language, which facilitates their ability to understand, embrace, and live among people of diverse backgrounds. For this reason, I am passionate about teaching in an environment where students are offered quality instruction through a second language while being immersed in the cultural perspectives and practices of the people who speak that language.
I am a firm believer of collaborative, experiential, and brain based learning. I believe that knowledge gained through what individuals need and inquire is knowledge that will lead to wisdom, knowledge that inspires and guide to the acquisition of more knowledge.


Fifth Grade Courses Overview

The math curriculum is aligned to the 5th grade common core standards. The curriculum will focus on addition, subtractions, multiplication and division of fractions. Expand the knowledge in 2-digit divisors and decimal operations and understand the property of three-dimensional space.
The curriculum offers different types of science in order to understand the world around them. The students will review the information about good experiment, solar system and planets, will learn about the planets. Students will study the atomic theory and the states of matter. Study about the law of conservation of energy, electricity, its properties and uses in our lives.
Social Studies
The Social Studies curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Sunshine Standards. The curriculum includes the topics about the Native American civilizations, Maya, Inca, and Aztec civilizations. The students will review about the formation and growth of the United States and will study about its government.
Spanish Language Arts
The Grade 5  Language Arts curriculum is aligned to the common core standards. Students are required to read at least 30 minutes every day and to turn in a reading log to show their time spent reading. They are also required to write several book reports throughout the year in an effort to encourage reading and writing about stories.
Students will learn Spanish grammar, practice reading different types of literature and learn skills to be a good writer. Students will learn how to make inferences, read context clues, and read to learn information. To improve their writing skills students will learn how to express opinions, write letters, use literary devices, and use word relationships in poetry. Students will practice comparing and contrasting similar texts. The goal of the course is to make each student a good reader and better writer.