Reading Oral presentation in Spanish

Reading Oral presentation in Spanish.
They will read a  book in their reading level and share this information with the class in Spanish hours. This has been practice in class.
This should be done all in Spanish.
They need to bring the book with them for the presentacion.
Fechas de Exposición  / Oral Presentation dates 
Wednesday 20th  2A /2B            the numbers 1 - 5 
Thursday 21st 2A / 2B                the numbers 6 - 11
Friday 22nd  2A / 2B                   the numbers 12 - 18
Wednesday  27th  2A/ 2B           the numbers 19 - 27 
The book goes with a blue paper with their name.
Keep that blue paper at home for following the oral presentation secuence. 
  1. Título / Title
  2. Autor / Author
  3. Ilustrador / Illustrator
  4. ¿De qué trata el cuento? / What is the story about?
  5. ¿Cuál es el final o Cómo termina la historia? / What is the end or how it finishes it?
  6. ¿Te gusto o no la historia? / Did you like or not the story?